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The Team

TitaniumWebs.com was launched on 12 November 2004 by David Taylor and Holly Bull. While both Dave and Holly have been designing webs for a combined 18 years, and Dave has done some sites for others, this is the first time the two have joined forces commercially in web design. The combined expertise of Holly and Dave -- Holly with an eye for colours and layouts, and Dave with technical skills and coding, together offer versatility and speed. They can design just about anything you can dream up, and do it fast, solid, and on budget!

TitaniumWebs.com has its very own servers running 24/7, on a dedicated, constant, and scalable connection. As we grow, so can our network, thus allowing us to offer our services at a reasonable, low price, while still offering top quality to our clients!

Located in Victoria,
British Columbia, Canada

The servers are located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. They are all connected through commercial-grade Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), which means that even power failures will not affect them. All user data is backed up nightly to an entirely separate and secure location, on a one-week rotating backup (one for each day of the week), meaning there are always at least 7 days' backups of your data. Backed up files are easily retrieved, even as single files, which means if something is corrupted or deleted in error, we can recover it without hassle.

Modern and FAST

The Web server runs on a modern, dedicated Linux machine, using AMD CPU technology, with ample memory and storage capacity. We keep our server software as up to date as possible, which means you'll always have access to the latest stable versions (we avoid Beta software whenever possible, for stability). The server has historical average uptime of 200+ days between reboots, and has been running for over three years; each reboot has only been for hardware upgrades.

Mail Server

The Mail server runs on a modern, dedicated Windows XP Pro machine, also using AMD CPU technology, with an excellent track record for uptime. It also has ample memory and a very fast processor. The mail server is capable of handling the following:

Unlimited Domains' email
Unlimited accounts per domain
List-server capabilities (E-zines, Newsletters, discussion groups)
Scalable email account sizes
POP email client access, such as Outlook
Webmail access to the same POP accounts
An aggressive SPAM filter. This is a learning filter, meaning that every email it examines increases it's statistical ability to detect future SPAM.
Two anti-virus programs: One integrated right into the mail server, as well as Norton Antivirus 2004. Both are actively scanning incoming and outgoing emails. The anti-virus programs are each set to check for virus updates every 2 hours, ensuring the highest possible protection.

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